Sunday, January 20, 2013

Untitled by Slovenian Damien Hirst



Something and nothing performed on a white A4 format sheet of paper.

Price: As much as you want (at least 1€ recommended) + all costs (1.7€)

Important No. 1! The artwork will be sent in a normal envelope which means it is quite likely that it won't reach you in perfect condition. I consider this to be part of the artistic process and further more it's not my intention to sell objects but to sell the act of buying something as art.

Important No. 2! This artwork was not thought nor made by the famous and rich British artist Damien Hirst but by the unknown and poor Slovenian artist Damien Hirst who's intention is to question everything that is declared as art and to accept everything else as having the potential of being art. He wants to convince people that everyone has the potential not only to consume art but to consume art in the way that it would actually create art. That's why buying this artwork is not just buying art but it's also creating art.

If you wish so you can also buy my book that contains 420 short thoughts (that make no sense) about art:


  1. Why only 420 are you a pot smoker?

  2. Damien Hirst, an English artist and art collector is a member of Young British Artist. He dominated the art scene in 1990 in UK and named as the richest artist with wealth £215m. His creative work can be seen at the Ophear art gallery and definitely you will enjoy those. Get in to the site now and enjoy the art tour.